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Tangled Lies Book Club Discussion Questions

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Are you looking for a new book for your book club? Tangled Lies releases on July 22nd and to help you prepare, here are a some suggested discussion questions. We have provided a downloadable version below as well.

Wrapped up in a page-turning murder mystery is a story about personal growth, examining and owning one’s mistakes, forgiveness, and redemption.

  1. What are your overall impressions of the book?

  2. From your perspective, beyond not lying any more, what lessons did Dani learn by the end of the novel?

  3. How else does Dani need to grow going forward?

  4. What lessons did Vera learn and how else does she need to continue to grow?

  5. What were your feelings about Erika?

  6. What did Erika add to the story?

  7. If you were one of Vera’s adult children, would you forgive her? How so?

  8. What issues around race came up for you?

  9. What issues around the meaning of family were raised?

  10. Forgiveness is at the heart of this story. What are your thoughts about forgiveness and redemption including forgiving oneself? How have these concepts affected your life?

  11. If you were to explain this book to someone else, how would you sum it up?

  12. What questions would you like to ask the author?

Tangled Lies Book Club Suggested Discussion Questions
Download PDF • 143KB

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