Tangled Lies

the New Book by Karen E. Osborne

Karen's new book, Tangled Lies, published by Black Rose Writing is available now.


Perfect for fans of women's fiction and suspense, the novel is about two women from vastly different backgrounds and eras, dealing with loss and forgiveness as they solve a murder together. 

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Can't wait until July 22nd?

Karen gives you a glimpse into Tangled Lies with a reading of the first chapter.  Enjoy!

Praise for Tangled Lies

“Karen E. Osborne’s explosive first chapter is succeeded by a constant series of surprises and a world where danger lurks around every corner. Her narrative comes in cinematic bursts that inject vivid imagery and high-impact dialogue, but also leave plenty to the imagination. And she delivers sexual imagery that adds fireworks without ever distracting from this masterfully constructed whodunnit.”


"Gritty and gripping, Tangles Lies is a murder mystery with a tender heart at its core."

- Jenny Jaeckel, Author of the House of Rougeaux

"In this engrossing novel, Osborne excels at characterization… An engaging, well-plotted thriller with themes of race, family, and forgiveness."

- Kirkus Reviews

"Tangled Lies is a deftly written combination of suspense and women’s fiction. Well-developed characters and a fast-paced plot. Highly recommended!"

- A.J. McCarthy, award-winning Author of Faux Friends

"I love a good murder mystery with characters you can root for, and this one fits the bill. Tangled Lies is a page turner that’s packed with fast-paced suspense, a masterful plot, and a hefty dose of sizzling hot romance."

– Linda Sheehan, Author of Decanted

Praise for Getting It Right

Karen's first book, Getting It Right, is available for purchase now.

"Osborne explores questions of race, privilege, and family loyalties without offering any false, easy answers for her two protagonists."

"Looking for an edge-of-your-seat suspense yarn? You won't find a more absorbing story than Getting It Right...In it we get to know half sisters Kara and Alex, who meet for the first time as adults. Over two weeks in March, the siblings deal with both their own and common issues and drama in ways that entertain and enlighten."
--Essence Magazine

"Osborne has created a compelling story of women trying to move past the bondage of their upbringing. We are left wondering, what does it mean to make amends? Is redemption possible?...Getting It Right is absorbing and pushes at understanding race, family bonds, and trauma."
--Atticus Review

Karen was also featured in the November/December issue of Poets & Writers.