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I'm so happy you're here. If you're a reader, check out my blog. There you will meet amazing authors and creators. You'll find new books to read and new writers to love.

Click on the books tab and you will find the four novels I've written. I hope you will give them a try and take the time to write a review. I thank you in advance!

Below, is special information for Book Club members.  


There's a page that tells you a bit about me. And finally, a page to subscribe to my site and/or contact me directly. 

I Adore Book Clubs!

Contact me and I will send you a box of personalized, signed books (at cost), FREE bookmarks, chocolates, and tailored discussion questions tied your members' interests! Plus I will enter you in a FREE drawing for one of my other novels!

Invite me to join you via Zoom, or if possible, in person. 

For True Grace, my latest novel set in 1924 and inspired by my grandmother, I have a set of slides showing photos straight from my research. Below are just a few.

Ask me about them.


Images from True Grace

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