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True Grace

A powerful story about love, courage, sacrifice, resilience, and hope, True Grace, set in 1924 during the Harlem Renaissance and Roaring Twenties, chronicles the journey of an immigrant, mixed-raced woman from The Congo, England, and Jamaica, fighting for her family's survival.

Inspired by real people and events, Grace must navigate the misogyny and racism of the courts, banks, child welfare system, and bad actors to hold her family together. Calling on her grit, determination, and grace, she must overcome harrowing circumstances. Readers will find themselves hooked from the first riveting chapter and cheering for Grace each step of the way.

"From the first masterfully written, throat-clutching chapter, I was wrenched into Grace's glass-shard strewn world. You'll root for Osborne's brilliantly crafted heroine on every high-wire page."  --Elizabeth Sumner Wafler, author of A Cleft in the World 

Praise for True Grace

Here's what people are saying.

 "Fantastic historical fiction with a strong leading lady! I loved this book, and I loved Grace! This one is a favorite. Don't miss it!" Tammyreads62


 "With its wicked fast plot and stunning heroine, True Grace immediately snags and immerses readers in the colorful 1920s Harlem of speakeasies, gangsters, and flappers. A propulsive family saga with vivid historical details." Jill Caugherty, author of The View from The Half Dome


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