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Invite Karen to your book club, social event, or conference to discuss ReckoningsTangled Lies, Getting It Right, or all three! Karen is taking in-person bookings and virtual events and gatherings.

If you are interested in putting together an event with Karen in person or online, please email  Check back often for news and events online or in your area.

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                    Upcoming Events 

YouTube interview with Emma Dhesi

March 29

 Book Club visit April 12

Discussing Tangled Lies

Planet Philanthropy June 12-13

Orlando, FL

Book Signing

AFP NW Conference June 15-16

Seattle, WA

Book Signing

True Grace Launch Party September 7




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Interested in having Karen at your upcoming event?
Karen writes suspense and mystery novels. They also address many topics that might be of interest to your group or organization, including:
  • #MeToo

  • Social justice 

  • Foster care and adoption

  • Healing from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Women and sexual assault

  • Forgiveness and redemption

  • Finding your voice

  • The writing journey

  • And, of course, discussing her novels!

If you are interested in putting together an event with Karen, email her at

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