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I’ve been writing since the age of twelve and making up stories for as long as I can remember.


As a kid in the Bronx I kept my friends enthralled with fake adventures I pretended to have experienced. In middle school (junior high back then), I submitted book reports on fiction I created in my head. Gave them titles and authors. Never got caught. Under my photo in my high school yearbook next to “Ambition” it read “Writer.”


Marriage, children, and a wonderful career, first as an academic administrator and then co-owner of The Osborne Group consulting and training firm, sidelined serious writing. Until one day Kara, my protagonist in my first novel, began speaking to me.


I wrote the first draft of Getting It Right (Akashic Books) on airplanes, in the Delta Sky Club, and in hotel rooms around the country and the world. The book tour was amazing. Friends hosted me in their homes, clubs, events, conferences, and book clubs. Independent and Barnes & Noble bookstores across the country welcomed me.


Grateful for the experience, I’m looking forward to sharing Tangled Lies (Black Rose Writing), with new and returning readers. And keep an eye out for information about my next novel, Reckonings, which releases June 16, 2022


A native New Yorker, Bob and I have two grown children and three grandsons. We now live in Port Saint Lucie, FL.