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  • Karen E. Osborne

Booklist Online Review

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Booklist Online Review by Lindsay Harmon

Alex and Kara Lawrence share a father but very little else. In fact, Alex doesn't even know Kara exists until her father is hospitalized after a heart attack and asks her to find his daughter from a long-ago affair. Kara, on the other hand, met her father and half sister when she was a small child and grew up waiting for them to rescue her from the abusive foster home where she was placed after her mother's death.

Now adults, the two women separately are struggling to find their footing, professionally and personally. Alex runs her own marketing business but is constantly called upon to care for her mother and younger sisters. Kara, a teacher, is involved with a married man who may be a white-collar criminal.

Finding each other is the easy part; coming to terms with their shared family history and the starkly different circumstances of their upbringings proves to be more difficult. Osborne explores questions of race, privilege, and family loyalties without offering any false, easy answers for her two protagonists.

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