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  • Karen E. Osborne

USA Launch Week

The release of Getting It Right on June 6th was celebrated with a week-long series of events. We started in Rochester, NY with a wonderful group of interesting women. Hope Quallo was a gracious host.

Most had ordered advanced copies of the novel and read it before our two-hour conversation. We nibbled as we chatted. What I liked the best was the discussion of my protagonists, Kara and Alex. It was as if they were friends we all cared about but we were also worried.

Launch week ended with a book talk and signing at Barnes & Noble in Jensen Beach, FL.

Folks at this event hadn't read the book. They asked many questions about my writing process: "How long did it take?", "What kind of research did you do?", "How did you come up with the characters?". I asked them questions as well: "What entices you to buy or borrow a book?", "What keeps you reading?", "When you've finished a novel, what would make you feel it was well worth the read?"

Great conversation and it was fun signing books at the end. Looking forward to more events to come over the summer. Check out News & Events to see if I'll be in your area soon, or contact me to set up your own event.

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