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  • Karen E. Osborne

Catching Up with Writers You've Met

I met Susan Shea almost 40 years ago. We were colleagues working for a major university. Fast forward and here we are both novelists. When I interviewed her last year, she had a lot going on.

I asked Susan what she up to and here’s what she wrote – “I have a new two-book contract (Severn House) for French village mysteries and the first will be published March 2023. The young widow of a New York hedge fund director inherits a rundown Chateau in Burgundy but not long after she starts the repairs, she finds a body int he moat. (Of course!) I'll be on the faculty at Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference again this summer."

It turns out that working for colleges, hospitals, and other nonprofits fuels creative juices. Here I am on a panel with fiction writers – Rachel Howzell Hall, Kate Racculia, and Pamela McCarthy – all with nonprofit backgrounds. Plus, by way of small world, Rachel and Susan Shea are both serving on the faculty at the conference mentioned above.

Do you remember Jason Lady?

He has a new book. My grandson has been waiting

for it ever since he read Jason’s first two middle grade books. “Grammie, it was the best book I’ve ever read.” This from a kid who reads two books or more a week! A discerning reader who discusses action, imagery, dialogue, and inner dialogue. Wow. Right? The new one releases on August 18!

I’m also excited to share that next week on What Are You Reading? What Are You Writing? Voice Actor Debi Tinsley will be my guest.

Stage actor, jazz singer, and voice actor, she narrated my upcoming Reckonings.

If you're interested in checking out Reckonings, you can access a preview now. And the book is also available for pre-order now.

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