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  • Karen E. Osborne

What are You Reading? What are You Writing? with Jean Roberts

In this episode, Karen is joined by author Jean M. Roberts. Jean starts by sharing a couple of book recommendations, Blood Libel by M Lynes and The Gopher King by Gojan Nikolich.

She then shares more about her own writing journey starting with her love of history and genealogy to writing a blog to self-publishing her first two books, Weave a Web of Witchcraft

and Blood in the Valley, to the upcoming release of her third book, The Heron.

For more on Jean, find her on Facebook (@JeanMRobertsauthor), Twitter (@JRoberts1324), and Instagram (@jeanie1701) or check out one of her blogs, including The Book's Delight ( If you're interested in genealogy, you can also visit her website

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