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  • Karen E. Osborne

What are You Reading? What are You Writing? with Willa Hogarth

In this special episode, Karen is joined by her long-time friend and fellow writer, Willa Hogarth.

Willa has written many short stories and plays and, here, shares a monologue called Printed Woman. As a helpful guide, Willa provided translation on a few of the Australian slang terms she uses:

  • dicky/crook = bad, old, worn out

  • jack of me = sick or tired of me

  • skiting = bragging or boasting

  • cark/pop off = die

  • gaga = not very with it

  • enjoy rumpy pumpy = we think you can figure that one out!

A big thanks to Willa for joining us all the way from Australia and sharing such a special treat, enjoy!

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