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Writing About My Family

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate. It’s a time of gratitude, good food and fellowship. I love to bake, so for me, it was also a time to bake pumpkin and apple pies. It’s a holiday for being with family and friends. I’m often moved by family stories and lore shared around the table.

My paternal grandmother inspired my latest novel – True Grace. She was a private woman, so I’m unsure how she’d feel about the novel. I know she’d be proud that I have four published books, but her reserve might find it unseemly that I wrote about one of the biggest secrets of our family. That I wrote the book in the first person, as if I, the writer, was Grace, telling her story, might also upset her. Certainly, my father would be furious.

If you’ve already read the book, Andy, the three-year old in the story was my father. Or, when you pick it up, you’ll know this bit.

Everything that happens in Part I is based on real events. But to make it authentic and gripping, I did a lot of research. For Part II, I had to imagine what happened because I had so little information. Fortunately, I LOVE making up stuff. That’s why I write fiction. LOL.

Here’s what recent reviewers wrote about True Grace:

Five Stars: “I found myself praying for Grace as the story unfolded until I reminded myself that I was reading a work of fiction.” High praise.

Five Stars. “Osborne delivers a mesmerizing and impactful tale that grips readers from start to finish. As the story unfolds, we become intimately invested in Grace's journey, celebrating her triumphs, and sharing in her heartaches. From the very first page, Osborne's storytelling prowess is evident as she draws readers into Grace's world. Osborne's prose is captivating, elegant, and evocative, painting vivid pictures of a bygone era. The book's pacing is excellent, steadily building suspense.” Lovely. Thank you.

It reached #88 on the Kindle Top 100. Thank you, readers! It was for only a day, but still. Felt good. If you’ve not written a review, please do. They really make a difference.

Does your family have secrets? Are there stories you could talk about your ancestors that would surprise and engage us? Who might you write about if you had the inclination or time? I’d love to hear from you.

And be sure to check my Facebook page on December 1. I will announce an opportunity to WIN a BOX of 8 Books. How cool is that.

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